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We specialize in the installation of Loft-E and LoftZone. Loft-E and LoftZone are UK manufactured and designed

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We have a team of factory approved installers in the south of England. If you would like a FREE no obligation survey at your home then please call the number below or book online.

Choosing to have your loft floor boarded with us will guarantee a quality safe strong platform and it will be fitted to the highest standards by qualified installer who have been through rigorous training to ensure your raised floor is fitted to the factory recommend methods.

Our choice of raised loft floor systems have been tested thoroughly and are have been designed to last a lifetime.

We offer a FREE no obligation home survey by qualified loft storage experts who will give you expert advice on how best to utilise your loft space, we promise that our surveyors will not pressure you into buying anything, we let you decide in your time.
We can even combine our raised loft floors with top quality stowaway loft ladders and a energy efficient loft hatch replacements.

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Installation Service

What else do we do?


Steel bespoke hatches. Hinge down steel 60-minute fire rated loft access hatch has a simplistic design for the contemporary modern house. Can be operated from floor level with a pole

With its powder coated zintec steel smooth white maintenance free finish.
The loft hatch requires no painting and projects into the ceiling space a mere 8mm.
Once the drop down loft door is opened, the 555x755 and 600x600mm options have a minimum clear opening to satisfy building regulations,
therefore compliant to NHBC regulations as Chapter 7.2 Section D14 "to a minimum clear opening of 520mm in any direction".
This will assist if you have catered for storing sizeable items in the attic.
The loft access hatch is insulated with an exposed fire resistant mineral slab insulation to comply with the building regulations 0.35 "U" value.

Concertina Ladders

We Fit a Steel Concertina Ladders. Manufactured from quality aluminium extrusions. Fits openings 600mm x 500mm and requires little loft clearance. Perfect for our hatches,
Treads are 80mm deep x 335mm wide. Spring controlled operation. Can be fitted to edge of loft frame or wall. Supplied with operating pole.

Loft hatches


We are probably the only company in the UK that actually has their own uniquely design and build loft storage sub-frame supports that will not compromise your NHBC guarantee.
The LOFT-E™ and LoftZone loft storage systems have be designed specifically to allow you to have built a strong and safe loft storage floor that doesn't compromise the insulation or cause issues with your ceiling.
The older and still quite common method of boarding lofts are no longer recommended in newly built or older houses, especially with weak ceilings.
Boarding direct too, or slightly above means that the insulation below will have to be squashed or removed to allow timber to go down. The government recommend and building regulations state that a minimum of 270mm of insulation should be fitted to the ceiling as this is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to insulate your home. If the floor you intent to build in your loft is not high enough then you have to compromise by removing or squashing the insulation which is totally wrong.
Removing insulation will reduce your energy efficiency and this will no doubt contribute to an increase in your heating bills.
Squashing it will stop air flow inside the insulation and when this gets moist with the rapid temperature changes, the air flow in your loft will never completely dry out the trapped moisture and ultimately this will lead to bad condensation and mould growth. If this grows inside your insulation it will contaminate it and more than likely spread to your timbers and plaster boarding.

We only install 270mm PLUS high strong loft storage floors that can take several persons and the storage weight safely and retain your homes energy efficiency.

The 3 raised loft storage floors we do vary depending on the age of a property and its requirements.
Ask our surveyor to show you LOFT-E™ the heavy duty version with adjustable metal legs or the LoftZone™ tri-supporting cross beam system


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Loft Clearance

If you want to clear and clean your loft, first ask why? Only do loft clearance and loft cleaning when it serves a purpose. Here are our top reasons to clear and clean your loft.

Health &

Lot of lofts need loft clearing and loft cleaning to sort out vermin, unwanted types of insulation used in the past, and Ceilings compromised by incorrect insulation and storage items directly on top of insulation.

and ventilation

Past experience has shown us that loft clearance and loft cleaning might not resolve issues of damp/condensation in a loft. There may be additional technical reasons that could be as easy to resolve as creating ventilation by clearing old loft insulation.

Don’t qualify for
free insulation

Suitable for if you have been surveyed by a reputable ethical insulation company and they have advised that loft clearance and loft cleaning is required before you qualify.

Storage Space

When you do loft clearing and loft cleaning to make more space for more stuff be aware that the area is more suitable to make your property more energy efficient. With proper boarding over suitable insulation a loft can be the perfect space saver with easy access to boot.

Loft Insulation

We use Rockwool as standard but can install any loft insulation by request, E.g. Isover, Kingspan, Hemp and Sheepswool.

If your loft is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems it should be easy to insulate. If access is easy and your loft joists are regular, we can use rolls of mineral wool insulation. The recommended depth for mineral wool insulation is 270mm but other materials need different depths. The first layer is laid between the joists – the horizontal beams that make up the floor of the loft – then another layer is laid at right angles to cover the joists and make the insulation up to the required depth.


Keep Ventilation in Mind

Insulation stops heat escaping from living spaces, so it will make your loft space cooler, which could introduce or worsen existing damp or condensation problems. If you are installing loft insulation yourself please keep in mind that you may need to increase ventilation and you will need to get Building Control Approval. Get professional advice before installing insulation to see if you can fix any damp problems first.

Before we insulate, we undertake a site visit and free survey and will give you the best advice for your property.

Health &

All our work is carried out by qualified installers and were PAS2030 qualified.

and ventilation

Hassle free installation and we tidy up after.

Don’t qualify for
free insulation

The installation should take between 1-2 hours to complete.*
*Installation times may vary depending on your specific needs and requirements.

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